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but now i feel like the area is going to be changing significantly. by knowing there is going to be a restaurant the noise i have no doubt about it. i also had roommates which schlep in the front room had to leave they couldn't handle the noise that is there before adding the restaurant. please do not approve the new restaurant. i don't mind that it's commercial that's fine but please consider the fact that we do live there.
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this is our homes it's not someplace i can leave if i wanted to. thank you >> hi. i have a small place next to the castro country club. i'm not opened to the club it's a nice place to hang out in. but it seems to be increasing more and more noise and smell and anything else before i have some problem with my tenant who ran out of his space because of the noise and now i have to find
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a new tenant. and currently my space in renting out for chiropracticor and other massage therapists. i hope your considering that it is not a good idea because of the noise. thank you >> any other further public comment. >> i'm the architect working closely with the building owner. i want to discuss my interaction with the new owner of the building as well as my reaction from the neighborhood.
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he concerns about the rear yard we attempted to address in the plan you see the lighting here. at the ground floor the country club will not be able to get that close to the rear neighbor. the variance of the stair - the variance stair is smaller on and on than the existing stair that is there now. in decreasing the stair we're going to make the third stairwell smaller and people will not be kunld to hang out there. i know there is a concern with urination.
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this is a restaurant and as defined by the planning code it will be serving food for its income and i don't think the restaurant will contribute to that problem. thank you >> thank you. public comment is closed. commissioners. >> i have a question for project sponsors. i think we've heard testimony regarding the castro country club. we've heard testimony on castro country club everything has spoken positively. a few expectations but i guess i'm asking about the restaurant and why this is part of the same
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project because we're looking for a legalizati >> the project started with the intensity of the ground floor from a garage to a restaurant space because the restaurant itself it lout the beer and wine itself make it a full serve restaurant. the castro country club came up because it didn't have the proper permit this year "the property didn't make financial
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sense. so far as the objections are concerned i think the primary objection is the noise we're ready to perform a sound study that will take care of this. another mitigating thing for the restaurant it will provide employment. presumable the 10 years of operation of the castro country club it was able to sustain itself but you're saying it's becoming for costly and you need some revenue >> the previous owner passed away who was sibling seizing i'm sure in some part. the castro club has been in
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service for thirty years. in order for it to make sense it has to find other incomes. thank you >> commissioner borden. >> you don't plan on using the backyard for the restaurant; is that correct and that's right. >> seating in the front but not in the back. so the access to the backyard you would seal that off? or would that be a backdoor for the staff. i think that is the concern of the neighbors. and if you were not using the backyard but putting some sound
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proof windows >> i'm not sure. >> not for that but to get out to that 5 foot spaces and periodically clean it you would have to have room. but this has come up is just capture the space and there's no way that the sound could spill over. we're happen happy to close that off and make it part of the restaurant >> i think it's very - i've walked by the castro club and wondered what was was. i also understand the restaurant is a beer and wine not a full
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liquor place? >> not past midnight and i was looking at that complicated chart. it's more on friday and saturday nights >> you'll have some sort of inks there's, you know, with the relationship that need to happen i know that other places have liquor and - >> i - the fact that there bars across the streets and they're the culprits the restaurants won't be. i've thought of of the odor
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control with the neighbors. odor control between a restaurant and that serves beer and the castro country club we're going to take care of that that >> great i mean, i really recognize it sounds like the castro country club is amazing. i hope that it continues to do the great things it was done. it's a shame that the permits weren't in place thirty years ago. i understand the need for when you have a need for the building at the current way you have to have revenues that take care of taxes. i know that we're also trying to
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get rid of a trans sit person so we're glad to have other consistent resources for people. if you're willing to close off the back of the restaurant so people are not in the backyard that would annoy the neighbors then it sounds like we can just close that off that it would be a project to work for everybody but i want to hear what other commiserations have to say. i am supporting the project >> the first floor i guess the addition to the restaurant i'm
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okay with the country club kind of legitimization and use. the back seems to be awkward. what is proposed and allowed. i mean leaving that 5 foot space open is awkward it's so small. its act ward to have this 5 foot space. is that allowed? >> under the planning code section 134 castro street neighborhood commercial district would not require if there the no commercial use on the ground floor so - the 5 foot is like a
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light well, it goes all the way to the sky and it is provided by the project sponsor. >> what was the building on hartford street what's right there? i couldn't find a picture of that. >> so i guess we have it. >> it's on page 83 point zero. that shows the 5 feet well deep well >> that's the picture that we're referring to that shows the well?
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so that property doesn't go up to the property line there's a - but then there's a the building comes out >> if we're to have a dialog we've got to have people come up to the microphone. >> it does have a section of the building and it shows clearly is relationship of the courtyard of the property behind and it does sit above the proposed outline. >> i i guess my problem is extending the first floor addition people using that second deck are looking through
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your window. is there the ability to rouse that back area, you know that 6 feet and bring the staircase down to the ground floor and have a more usual backed yard to the up stairs. that gives us some space between the backyard and kind of eliminate that deck. i realize that would take some area from the restaurant and also the deck that's dedicated to the residence. certainly, if you wish for us to - if i wish for us to ending large the open area on the blow ground floor we could do that
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but i would argue that it's a less tennessee feet. you understand? i would rather close off the 5 foot court completely and take away the noise of the restaurant we've just continue to provide a fence at that 5 footpath so no one could walk onto the area >> it puts the deck smack against the hartford street. >> the fence would still be where it's shown today.
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>> yeah, and that gap there. and you understand that that ground there is pretty much there anyway. so if you're in the castro club by a foot or two you could walk back there. this is a race ground floor here you see the healthy relationships again we're putting in a - and the upper section in the height of the rear patio it's the one you look at in the photo of the rear building >> the plan shows the existing condition so the rear yard is
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not that much lower than the height of the proposed addition so the relationship at the rear of the property doesn't change that much. the commission does have the ability to have this extend all the way back. however, the limit is 2 thousand square feet. so the size of the restaurant does not exceed 2 thousand square feet >> could i say that again. >> the current use of the restaurant and the told her is 2 thousand square feet so this the 5 by 25 foot wide increase so
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they'd have to make the restaurant smaller somewhere. so just i understand this. back where it that lighted well, is is escalated? could i come that 11 feet, you know, and keep that filled. i know you wouldn't have windows phone the restaurant in the back but windows on the front >> right now we are at the property line at the property line why not just eliminate the back 5 feet and take the back 5 feet and leave it unescalated.
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>> because you'd get a back lot that is not - >> i don't know how to make this thing work. >> i think to make sure this is clear you wouldn't escalate that 5 feet. >> and i'm asking this isn't the place to compromise but maybe we could take this part back here. i'm happy with putting little fence 5 feet back it's going to be a better situation with the - what the neighbors look out on right now they look out on the backyard of the castro country club and a series of out houses we'll call them that for a
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moment like refrigerators. >> rig >> right. >> why not go 11 feet to get a more decent size backyard and it redues that area. >> i would say we would be most reluctant but it this is the only way the commission would approve this i would understand.
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>> and i say let's hear from other commissioners. >> yes as long as your up there are you project sponsors saying that the person who bought this feels that a regular commercial retailer whatever is allowed under the code presently isn't enough to finance the purchase of the property and needs a restaurant for some reason. >> i think the answer to that is, yes. >> tell me about this solely on speculation. >> i think the commission would approve a restaurant. i hope i'm not putting my foot in my mouth but the nc c has
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changed and what is now loud in the district has changed. a restaurant can go in and the fact that they're selling beer and wine is okay >> but your seeking something else. >> we're going seeking beer and wine in a restaurant. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm generally concerned that the budging out of the property line is an issue. when you change the residential area from residential into an in city that at the time it was done has implication because you've got home - you could
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potentially go all the way out to the property line with or without that line is no effect to me. if you're joining both properties to the north i would significant that we find a line by which the restaurant and the commission indeed wants to support find a sense of expansion so we could still have a residential building. but if you have - we're not looking at what building type we're trying to ending large so i would like to take a slightly more tighter look at the
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restaurant and i'm not even sure in 10 or 11 feet is the right li line. and then where the stair ends doesn't scombern me >> i'm supporting the country club by i want to ask the staff does the stairwell require outside space. >> the second floor rear deck it is divided into two portions the rear portion is required for use. >> it is required. >> yeah, the purpose of the stairwell is to assess that is
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required. >> and we're sort of talking about the restaurant space i'm going to call it below grade on the backside. so hour the restaurant space goes back doesn't change the second floor backyard is this correct? >> the ground floor is proposed for the rear ex-attention and that will includes other issues. >> the patio the staff visited the site. >> to me i want to be sensitive to the issues about enjoys. i actually thought this the
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front of the restaurant might produce more enjoys but i believe it didn't meet the icu it's just allowed. i'm interested in looking at mitigati mitigating noise. commissioner anthony >> in instances like this we'll look at a planned screen wall or other things that would separate the patio area from the neighbors and that might be the better way to go. i don't know in the other commissioners have ideas about things that could be build there
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>> we proposed a land escaped - a land escaped fence or boxes at 13 feet in from the - from the property line to - but staff indicates if he wanted to put fences and planters we have to get zoning approve on that. >> so is the open space - do they need to maintain that open space. the castro private open space
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just for that unit it's not only the amount but there's dimensional space. so if it the on a deck as it is now on the proposal it would increase up to 10 feet. it certainly, if the building xeendz to the property line they'll meet all the conditions to the open space. but if we have more of a rear yard like 10 feet that would satisfy the open space. >> i respectfully ask that or agree withco

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